Dimensional Formed Channel letters

Dimensional formed channel letters tailored to flow with your building facade and storefront will make a strong impression on consumers. The 3D effect will pop out and demand attention. When we create and customize dimensional channel letter signs for clients, we take your entire project from concept to completion. We consider the practical, functional, and creative elements of the sign design process.

Permits and permission

Before we start bending and manipulating each channel letter to flow with your building facade, we need to deal with a few practical elements, like permitting and getting permission from your landlord. Once we have a permit or a green light from your landlord, we start the design phase.

Custom bending and color matching

We can custom bend and shape dimensional letters to carry your signature font, style, and color matching your brand colors. Color matching is an important component. A single color can carry a lot of weight when it comes to brand recognition. We have emotional attachments to colors, and matching your exact brand color will connect your channel letter signs to all other branding, making your brand stronger and more memorable.


The final stage is the installation, placing and mounting each letter perfectly to compliment the building and surroundings, enhance the overall composition of your storefront, and give the best overall aesthetic. The perfect installation will strengthen brand awareness.

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Combined with the right lighting options, like front-lit, back-lit, or a combination, dimensional formed channel letters will increase brand visibility and make your storefront more impressive and professional.

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