Floating Decorative Brand Panels

In a professional environment, like a lobby or reception area, floating decorative panels are markers that create brand awareness and let your clients know that they have arrived in the right place. Typically, you’ll see these decorative panels above the reception desk or in front, a physical representation of your company name and logo. These floating decorative panels are also known as lobby signs, reception signs, office signs, or, simply, a logo sign.

When we say they are floating, we mean they are tailored to flow with their environment and create a natural focal point in the room. The design and placement should be seamless and effortless, a robust and bold presence that captures your brand visually and emotionally.

We help you find the right placement to make the strongest impact and give your brand credibility and visibility. Making the panel sign the centerpiece in the room will strengthen your brand awareness and create a more confident and professional impression on clients.

The floating decorative panel is the physical embodiment of your brand, and we find the right materials and colors to bring the essence of your brand to life. While a “panel” may imply that this logo sign is flat, creating layers and dimensions to create a 3D effect will often make the sign much more dynamic and engaging.

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Floating decorative panels are not just signs; they are branding tools to bring out your brand’s personality. They are more memorable and have a long-lasting impact on anyone who enters your business.

A custom logo sign by your front desk and reception area will have an immediate comforting effect on clients. Providing clean and consistent markers to guide clients is one of the most effective ways to provide great customer service. Short of having a personal guide for everyone who enters, a powerful custom decorative panel sign is the next best thing.

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