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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers all public spaces. ADA governs the accessibility of any given public area, from parking to ensuring wheelchair navigation, and, of course, signage. For libraries, all interior and exterior signage has to meet ADA standards for accessibility, which can be a complex undertaking.

Why is ADA signage so important for public areas like libraries? It’s all about accessibility and accommodation. Everyone should be able to access the library, and ADA compliant signs help make that happen. Every potential library user has to be able to read the library’s signs, and understand what they say.

Some considerations for ADA signage for a library are fairly straightforward; namely, signs need to be large and readable, with high contrast colors for the vision impaired. ADA also gets into some smaller details about signage requirements, however, from font types, size, and colors, to tactile text, Braille dot spacing and sizing, and even the materials used to ensure that there is not too much glare. ADA signage rules also cover how and where signs are installed to ensure that they are hung at a height that is accessible, and that they are located in accessible areas.

Clearly, a lot goes into ADA signage. And the average library has a lot of signs in place! Visitors expect to find everything from wayfinding signs, to signs showing which books are in which section, to bathroom signs, help desk signs, and more. They all need to meet ADA requirements.

What can libraries do to make this happen? The easiest way to ensure ADA signage compliance is to work with a reputable sign company with experience in creating accessible materials. With so many regulations in place under ADA, there are many areas where even the best-intentioned library staff can accidentally fail to meet standards. The wrong kind of sign hinders accessibility for library users, and also potentially opens the library up to punitive measures under ADA.

Accessibility is very important. In a library, it is vital to extend the opportunity to read, research, use computers, and otherwise learn and grow without barriers. We’re happy to help you ensure your library has ADA compliant signage for the benefit of all your patrons. Just call or email us for more information and our helpful, knowledgeable staff will help you meet all your signage goals.

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