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Bathroom signs are an important feature in any building, churches included! For churchgoers who do not want to miss the service, for visitors to the building who are unfamiliar with the space, and for accessibility reasons, clear directional bathroom signs are a must-have.

Churches are public spaces and should be accessible to all visitors. Signs that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are key in a church setting, where every member of a community should be able to get around with ease. ADA compliant signs involve tactile text, Braille, certain colors and fonts, sizing, and mounting requirements, all of which aid in helping people find the church’s bathrooms.

Other considerations for bathroom signs for churches include what materials, colors, and sizes work well with the environment. An ultra modern bathroom sign might not fit in very well with an ornate, traditionally styled church. Even ADA-compliant bathroom signs can be made to fit in with various church styles, so bathroom signs will be clear to see without being obtrusive.

The bathroom signs we create come in many different materials, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. From modern brushed metal to earthy wood, to easy to clean, cost effective plastic.

Some smaller churches choose to post bathroom signs outside of the rooms themselves, while other larger buildings may require more directional signage, using bathroom signs with arrows to explain where bathrooms are located even if they are on different floors or hidden away.

Whether your church has separate men’s and women’s bathrooms, unisex bathrooms, handicapped stalls, family rooms, baby changing areas, or other bathroom facilities, we can create signs that highlight what is available and meet your needs perfectly. Our custom solutions fit any church space.

While bathrooms may not be the most glamorous room in any building, they are essential for the comfort of visitors. When people need to know how to get to the bathroom, they want to know right away without having to ask for directions. Make things easy and accessible for churchgoers by installing easy to read directional signage that leads the way.

As with all of our signs, our bathroom signs are made with high-quality materials and attention to detail. We want your space to be perfect, and we are proud to make our signs part of that perfection! Call or email us for more information about what we have to offer.

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