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At any shopping mall, there is an eager audience awaiting your goods and services. However, for many people, shopping malls can also be busy, bustling places that make it difficult to find particular stores and locations. If potential customers cannot easily find the store they are looking for, they might give up before ever making a purchase.

Good signage is key in helping individual stores stand out in a busy, vibrant shopping mall. Channel letter signs are common for malls for this reason. These signs feature individually installed letters that are bright and clear, illuminated for high visibility. They work just as well inside a shopping mall, over your door, as they do on the outside of the mall if you have an exterior entrance.

Channel letter signs are versatile. They work well for everyone from the smallest retailer to the largest big box store. These signs are available in sizes ranging from a few inches to many feet high. This makes them scalable to all areas of a mall. The bigger and brighter the channel letter sign, the more visible it is, so keep that in mind when designing for your shopping mall location.

Any letter in a channel letter sign can be adjusted for curves and other structural requirements. No matter the style of the shopping mall space, a channel letter sign can fit easily. They come in countless combinations of colors to match your branding and the overall aesthetic you seek.

These signs are also very popular with franchises and chain locations looking for consistent branding across different locations. This is a good idea for stores in shopping malls, where many shoppers are looking for familiar logos, names, and text styles to help find the store they need.

Channel letter signs are all around you. If you visit any shopping mall, you are sure to see many of these signs in action. Retailers choose them because they are durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and cost effective. Every shopping mall store needs to have recognizable signage to attract customers, and channel letter signs make sense.

Help your customers find you, and let your store stand out in the shopping mall environment. Connect with us to learn more about our signage options for your shopping mall business.

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