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Having a sign that needs repair or removal can be a tricky situation. Knowing when to call a sign service or opt for a sign removal can be difficult. However, with the proper knowledge and advice, you can make the best decision for your sign. In this blog, we will discuss the factors to consider when deciding if a sign can be fixed or needs to be removed. We will also tackle the importance of choosing sign professionals that understand the full service of sign servicing and removal and having the right tools and equipment.

The Importance of Service and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and service can extend your sign’s lifespan.

A sign is typically the first thing potential customers will encounter upon entering an organization or business, so it must be well-kept and presentable. Regular maintenance and service can extend its lifespan while also protecting the environment through lower energy and pollutant usage that would otherwise be caused by the production of new signs. By preserving its optimal condition, the effectiveness of the sign is maximized, and any potential harm is diminished. 

When to Service Your Sign

In assessing whether a sign requires maintenance, inspect for signs of deterioration, rust, or harm. If any of these factors are present, attending to the sign without delay is essential. Other indicators that signal a need for service may include flickering lights, warped panels, cracked surfaces, unstable or broken wiring, and discoloration or dimming. With the proper maintenance and attention, a sign can remain in working condition for many years. For a safe job, it is essential to enlist the help of experienced sign professionals with the relevant expertise and the appropriate tools to get the job done.

When to Remove Your Sign

When repairing a sign is no longer viable, it may be time to take it down. Damage caused by age, climate, regular use, and other elements can make a sign unsafe or difficult to keep in a functional condition. Look for the signs that could point to sign removal: corrosion, cracks or missing parts, material deformation or discoloration, insecure fasteners, or lost nails or screws. Engaging with experienced professionals familiar with the full scope of sign servicing and removal is a great way to guarantee a successful job.

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