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If you’re looking to attract new customers and improve brand impact, it’s important to get creative with your marketing strategy. And what better way to do this than with light up signs? You may not know it, but lighting your signs can have a wide range of benefits, including increased visibility, improved customer mood, brand impact, and more impressive signage that draws more attention to your business.

Benefits of Lighting Up Your Signs

  1. Lighting your signs makes them more impressive and noticeable; it will improve their brand impact
  2. Lighting your signs creates a mood that’s exclusive to your business and specific place
  3. It will boost the visibility of your brand/signs in general
  4. Lighting up your signs is also likely to boost sales/trade as well.

Ways to Use Different Kinds of Lighting

The colors of light you choose and how bright you make them can affect how people perceive your business. Cooler lights, like blues and purples, tend to be more soothing and relaxing, while warmer hues like reds and yellows give off a more energetic vibe. You can achieve both by blending different types of lighting: cool light sources in blue or purple tints paired with warm bulbs with yellow or orange hues.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Sign Lighting

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The proper use of colors of light and brightness can determine how people perceive your business.

Lighting an outdoor sign offers a totally different set of benefits than lighting an indoor sign. Both kinds can make your brand more noticeable, but depending on where you’re installing it, one may be better suited than another. Outdoor signs are usually easier to see, because they’re typically located in high-traffic areas like highways or shopping malls. But unlike their indoor counterparts, many of these locations won’t have electrical outlets nearby.

Add Impact With Colorful Sign Lights

Lighting can be used to make your signs more impressive, visible, and memorable. Depending on your location and what you’re trying to do with your sign, different kinds of lighting might be better than others. If you want customers or potential clients driving by to notice your brand, make a lasting impression, and feel invited in – it’s generally a good idea to add some kind of light up signs.

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