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If you’ve recently visited a large building, public park, or other expansive setting, you likely found yourself seeking out a structure with information posted on it. Whether it’s a map showing you how to navigate yourself safely or a posting about updated protocols and procedures, these signs are critical to keeping the public safe and informed at all times. What you likely interacted with are collectively known as kiosk signs

What Are Kiosk Signs?

Kiosk signs are a versatile signage solution used commonly in public parks, malls, large facilities, and other public spaces.

These freestanding signs are actually similar to monument signs in that they are not directly attached to another structure and they are designed to be permanent. They generally incorporate an overhang to accommodate for weather and present information in an easily accessible manner, whether digital, printed, or written. Here are a few of the places that you’ll commonly find kiosk signs

  • Public parks, trails, and spaces
  • Transportation centers
  • Malls and gallerias
  • Industrial and corporate facilities
  • Government and historic buildings

What are the Differences Between Kiosk and Monument Signs?

When it comes to the similarities between kiosk and monument signs, you mostly compare the structures. Both are permanent and constructed out of a variety of different building materials. They also incorporate a central flat surface for the conveyance of information to the public. 

However, when we get to the type of information being communicated, these two signs styles are quite divergent. Monument signs are relatively simple in their messaging, usually just containing a company or organizational name and possibly a tagline. On the other hand, kiosk signs are information-dense and tell the public about any relevant safety, administrative, and procedural information for a given space. They also allow organizations to convey information without employing staff at a help or information desk.

If you’re looking to invest in a kiosk or other outdoor sign for your organization, reach out to the signage experts at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Signs today!

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