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One of the most effective ways to enhance your businesses lobby or reception area is to introduce your brand to customers with a well-designed lobby sign.  The management team at AAA Business Services recently renovated their headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado and wanted to create a space that was inviting and made the right business impression on clients and visitors.  They had previously used a low-quality wall graphic they had purchased from an online print company to decorate a wall in the office space which did not perform to their expectations. One morning they entered the office to find the graphic had peeled off the wall and was laying on the ground.  Extremely disappointed after this experience and wondering what to do to make more of their newly updated office space the AAA Business Services team called Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio for visual branding options.

AAA Business Services wanted a lobby sign that displayed their colorful brand logo in a bold and refined manner.  The Vision Visual Custom Sign Company team identified a few different options for AAA to consider in their sign design and construction ranging from colored acrylic materials to aluminum panels with different surface finishes.  The final selections were rendered in a photorealistic proof and once approved, Vision Visual Custom Sign Company designed and fabricated a 5 foot by 3 foot brushed aluminum panel with striking 1” polished aluminum standoffs to mount the panel to the wall.  The panel was decorated with a printed vinyl graphics brand logo and over-laminated with high gloss UV protectant.  Brushed aluminum lobby sign brand panels are a great way to decorate any office lobby at an extraordinary value.  They look clean, are bold and the full-color graphics contrast well with the surface finish of the panel.

The new sign panel is sized to be the focus of the office entry, positioned behind the reception desk and visible from the office’s front entry.  Location and position are key factors in creating the right visual experience for visitors and integrating well with the décor.

Vision Visual Custom Sign Company designed the custom sign in a single day and completed fabrication at their location in Golden, Colorado.  Installation was completed during office hours without distracting employees or clients.

AAA Business Services continues to enhance the new offices with visual branding solutions suggested by Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Custom Signs and Graphics Studio.  The next project for AAA Business Services is to brand their front entrance windows with perforated window graphics to communicate services, contact information, and their brand logo.

If you need a simple and effective way to enhance your businesses office lobby and entrance contact Vision Visual Custom Sign Company for a creative wall and window visual branding solution.  Consultations and ideas are always free!  Contact Vision Visual Custom Sign Company serves the Lakewood, Golden, Arvada, Evergreen, Boulder and Colorado front range.  Call us at 720.328.6435 for your free visual branding solution consultation!

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