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Backlit signs have become popular in recent years as more and more businesses consider investing in LED light-based advertising. This type of sign features an attractive glow that’s bright enough to catch the attention of passing drivers, but not so overpowering that it becomes an eyesore or causes unnecessary light pollution. Here’s what you need to know about the appeal of backlit signs that actually get people to come into your store or place of business!

What Characterizes a Backlit Sign

One thing that characterizes a backlit sign is that it produces a halo glow. This type of sign is also called a halo-lit sign. Halo-lit signs are popular because they give off an appealing, cozy glow. Halo lights are typically used to illuminate company logos and slogans on these types of signs, so they need to be bright enough to be seen in the dark.

4 Main Types of Backlit Signs

Exterior signs can be backlit signs as well.

A backlit sign can be an exterior sign. The face of the letters & the sign will be dark, so the color will come from the lighting and the back panel of the sign. When designing a backlit sign, the designer needs to consider what color is used for illumination and what colors are used on the front of the signage. You also need to take into account how far you are going to set your backlit sign apart from other elements in order to make sure it’s visible enough!

Exterior Storefront Sign

Using a backlit sign is a great way to increase your visibility, and it can be a charming addition to any building. If you’re looking for an exterior sign, this sign can be just what you need to advertise your business. These signs are perfect for businesses that have an entrance on the side of their building because they will stand out in a crowd and give off an appealing glow.

Backlit Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are a type of backlit sign that often uses illumination on the front and back. As a result, they provide an appealing glow which makes them popular for use in many different locations such as restaurants, bars, and offices.

Backlit Panel Signs

A backlit panel sign is a sign that has a metal panel or acrylic with letters that have LEDs on them. The metal or acrylic is backlit by fluorescent lights. There are two types of panels: open frame and sealed frame. The open frame design allows for easy cleaning in addition to more room for graphics, whereas the sealed frame keeps out dirt and dust in order to maintain a longer lifespan.

Backlit Monument Signs

A backlit monument sign is a type of sign that can be seen from distances away. They are most often used to identify buildings, but they can also represent a business. They are typically installed on the outside of buildings or near main entrances, and they generally include text where information about the building or business. Backlit monument signs are characterized by their minimalistic design and stylish appeal.

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