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Outdoor signage applications go beyond simply displaying a business’s name and logo. When used correctly, signs are powerful tools that can direct customer traffic, relay key messages, and fuel growth.

The best way to unleash the potential of these signs is by teaming up with a professional signage company specializing in custom solutions. This article will highlight the key advantages of effective outdoor commercial signs and how businesses can harness their potential.

Tower Over the Competition

When businesses need to take their brand’s message to the next level, one sign stands out among the rest: pole signs. These signs can range from 20’ to 80’ in height to outshine competitors’ advertisements and amplify a business’s identity. The enhanced visibility of pole signs makes them ideal for companies found next to busy roads and highways. Since these signs can be seen from far distances, they help drivers by providing advance notice of upcoming establishments. Companies looking to expand their location’s presence and attract new customers should look to the strengths of pole signs.

Illuminate Your Message

From brilliant channel letters to glowing cabinet signs, illuminated outdoor signage is an essential tool in every business owner’s marketing kit. At night, these signs are eye-catching, ensuring people can locate a business in dark or low-visibility conditions. They transform building exteriors and storefronts into a dazzling display that connects with potential customers. Besides the elevated look of light-up signs, they are also long-lasting and compelling advertisements. These signs act as permanent brand ambassadors, informing passersby of your location and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Embrace the possibilities of these signs to upgrade your exterior and generate new customer traffic.

Provide a Seamless Experience

With outdoor business signs, people often focus on their marketing and branding abilities. While these are important, signage can also play a critical role in a guest’s experience. Monument signs and kiosks are directional signs that improve customer service. Monument signs are placed next to roads and parking lot entrances, effectively informing people that they have arrived at their destination. This wayfinding function is even clearer with kiosks, which act as outdoor directories to help people navigate sprawling parking lots or buildings with multiple tenants. Refine your customer experience before people even enter your establishment by using signs to ensure they can easily navigate your premises.

Create a Cohesive Brand Image

Outdoor signage is critical to developing a cohesive business identity. Architectural panels, for example, are designed to reflect a company’s image and fit naturally into the surrounding environment. These signs combine color, dimension, texture, and a company’s branding elements to create a one-of-a-kind communication device. When businesses invest in signs that capture their unique essence and coordinate with other branding materials, they create a strong, unified image that inspires confidence in potential customers.

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