Wall Murals and Wall Wraps

Wall murals, wraps, and graphics can create ambiance and atmosphere in your establishment. While all signs and graphics have a singular goal – to promote, direct, inform, educate, inspire, etc. – wall murals and wall wraps effectively create an emotional experience and deliver a clear message. In short, they are highly versatile and cost-effective storytelling and marketing tools.


The first step to designing a mural or wrap is to understand the goals you have for the graphics. Once we’ve set the parameters and understand the message you want to convey, we go to the creative phase, where we start to find the right style, colors, and layout to get that message across.

Form and composition

Traditional signage, while versatile, has limits. For example, a panel sign will have a hard time dealing with a curved wall or a corner. Vinyl wall murals and graphics don’t have those same spatial limitations; they can quite literally be wrapped around curves, edges, and corners, taking advantage of your space in every way.

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The composition of your cut graphics should create a focal point in the room, a natural direction for the consumer’s gaze to land as they enter the room, lobby, reception area, or establishment. Murals and wraps are functional art but can also be used to provide directions or identify different areas, departments, sections, or rooms so consumers can more seamlessly navigate your premises.

The beauty of murals and wraps is that they are tailored to fit the environment and the physical surface area where it will live. For graphics that provide directions or are identifying markers that have a predetermined and specific location, it is up to our designers to design and cut the graphics to have the right form, shape, and size to look organic and pleasing, flowing seamlessly with the environment.

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