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The purpose of good signage isn’t just to get people in the door – it’s to get them in the door, keep them there, and make sure they have an enjoyable time – that leads to frequent visits and word-of-mouth advertising. If you want your marketing strategy to be effective, your signs need to all speak the same visual language, use the same style and tone, colors and fonts should be perfectly matched. That’s why you need a sign strategy.

What is a Sign Strategy?

A sign strategy is an important component of any business’s branding. The signs you place throughout your business or establishment should all be consistent. A sign consultation will create a clear style guide so that every sign created falls within the same guideline.

What are the Benefits of an Effective Sign Strategy?

The benefits of having an effective sign strategy are numerous. When your signs have a distinct and powerful visual language, customers can easily and quickly understand what each store does, which gives them confidence that your business is reputable and legitimate. Customers will be reassured that there is consistency in your branding, messaging, and experience across all channels. 

Don’t Forget These

It is easy to remember your main signage when developing your plan but don’t forget the temporary signs you may need throughout the year, like event displays and signage, banners, promotional signs, and seasonal signs. 

At Vision Visual Custom Sign Company, our designers will help you design and create a sign strategy that fits your business’s goals and personality. Contact us to discuss your own sign consultation!

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