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Illuminated channel letter signs are the perfect way to light up your business and make a lasting impression. Not only do they look great on a building facade, but they are also evident from great distances. With the proper lighting, your illuminated channel letter signs can take your business to the next level. This post will discuss the three most popular ways of lighting up your illuminated channel letter signs.

Front Lit

Channel letters make your company distinctive and recognizable.

Front Lit channel letters are an effective method of making your company distinctive and recognizable. With this lighting style, lamps are fitted to the characters’ exteriors, which spreads a constant glow, making the signage visible from a long way off. It also allows you to represent a particular corporate color and develop a consistent appearance for your business. Depending on your specific requirements, you may use a conventional neon tube or LEDs. LEDs have the advantage of a more extended lifespan and less energy usage.


Adding a glowing, dramatic effect to your business signage, backlit channel letters make a strong impact. They emit light from the back of the letter, forming a luminous halo-like aura that can be noticed from a distance. Furthermore, thanks to the range of lighting colors available, they can provide a unique, eye-catching look. The illuminated letters are ideal for nighttime signage and perfect for companies in bustling areas. 

For those looking to stand out, backlit channel letters can make it happen. Their vibrant, glowing design ensures that customers and passersby alike are captivated.

Edge Lit

Channel letters illuminated using Edge Lit technology are a modern, cost-effective approach to signage. This technique involves LEDs installed along the sides of the letter, resulting in an even, radiant light that brings attention to the sign. In addition, edge Lit letters use fewer materials and less energy than the more traditional front-lit and backlit varieties, making them a perfect choice for businesses looking to save. The result is a captivating display that will draw the eye and help your business stand out.

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