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You need your signs and marketing to grab attention and make a statement as an entity. But, in a world full of signs and advertisements, standing out is hard. This is where dimensional signs come in to offer a solution. They are attention-grabbing and eye-catching, making them different enough to be noticed. Dimensional signs are also termed three-dimensional signs.

Why Do You Need to Include Character and Personality in Your Business Sign Design? Why do Dimensional Signs Attract More Attention?

Include character and personality in your business sign design with the help of Dimensional Signs.

Dimensional signs are elegant. They have raised lettering or logos, which make them appear more elegant and cool than common signage. When a customer notices a dimensional sign, they’ll assume that your entity cares about presentation and is willing to invest in high-quality and trending designs.

Most dimensional signs are unique. Dimensional signs are different and are less common than typical two-dimensional signs. This helps give your brand a unique tone, allowing it to stand out to clients.

How to Add Dimension

  • Layers: Generally, dimensional signage should not be broader than 3 or 4 layers of material. But, all this relies on the material utilized and where the dimensional sign will be hung.
  • Use of Materials: Materials used for making dimensional signs include metal, acrylic, foam core, PVC plastics, and wood. The exact materials utilized on dimensional signs should vary based on duration, design, and location. For instance, if you intend to hang a three-dimensional sign on a weak wall, you must use lightweight materials. If you intend to use temporary dimensional signage, don’t use heavy, durable materials such as metal and wood.
  • Lighting: Dimensional signs can incorporate internal lighting, exposed bulbs, or backlit halo-effect lighting for better nighttime visibility.     

Dimensional Signs will bring out your brand’s personality, making it more than just a sign with your name and logo. Contact us at Vision Visual Custom Sign Company Signs & Graphics today for all your signage needs!

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