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Dimensional signs are great to use when you want to attract attention to your business or event, as it’s pretty difficult to ignore something standing out in front of you! Dimensional signs can be made with materials such as metal and plastic, but adding in some character and personality makes them even more eye-catching. Here are some reasons why dimensional signs attract more attention with personality, plus tips on how to add dimension to your sign design!

The Importance of Adding Character and Personality to Your Business Sign

Dimensional signs add character and personality to your business brand.

Adding character and personality to your business sign design is important for a few reasons. First, it helps people remember you and what you do. Second, it attracts attention to the signage and makes it stand out from other signs. Third, it creates a more welcoming atmosphere for customers. Lastly, it gives the brand a more human feel as opposed to being strictly visual or text-based.

How to Add Dimension to Your Sign

Adding dimension to your sign is easy and will attract attention because it is different from the typical look of a sign. Use layers and materials to give it a sense of depth and height. Lighting can also be used to create shadows that make the sign more three-dimensional. Even though the image may not have any shadows, adding them will increase its sense of dimensionality. The best part about adding these types of details to your sign is that it does not take away from the readability. Your message should be clear, but you still have room for creative expression with adding these details. It’s important to consider both form and function when designing a dimensional sign because they don’t exist in isolation; form reflects function and vice versa.

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