Why Lighting Up Your Signs is a Bright Idea for Improved Brand Impact

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Your signs and graphics can be an attractive addition to improve brand impact for your business, but that impact won’t be very successful if no one can see them in the first place. Fortunately, you can improve your brand impact by lighting up your signs, which will make them more impressive, noticeable, and visible during the day or night. In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of lighting up your signs and review different ways to light them up so you can choose the right way to light up signs that will help create the right vibe for your brand!

Different Lighting Affects the Vibe of the Sign

An illuminated sign will create a different vibe and feel depending on the style and colors.

Each type of light will create a different vibe and feel to the sign. For example, if you want your store to be more inviting, consider using warm white light. If you want your sign to be more of an attention grabber or make it seem like something exciting is happening inside, then consider using cool white or blue light. If you want more visibility and impact, neon or LED lights are the best choice. Here are some examples: 

Also, consider lighting that changes colors: This can be done with light emitting diodes (LED) or fluorescent lights. The lights change colors automatically or at the flip of a switch.


Backlighting can be achieved by installing lights on the back of your sign or by using light boxes. The most important thing to remember when lighting up your sign is to choose the right type of lighting that will benefit your brand. 

LED Lights

Did you know that LED lights are the best lights to use on your signs? They’re not only safer because they emit less heat, but they also last longer and produce more light than other kinds of bulbs. It’s worth taking the time to find out which type of LED lights would be best suited to your particular sign. The different wavelengths of light that these bulbs produce can affect the mood and tone of your sign and even what it says about your brand.

Vision Visual Custom Sign Company can help you design and create the type of sign that will be best for your business and create the brand impact you are looking for!

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